Building Banners

The traffic facing facade of your building is precious real-estate! Are you utilizing this spot to attract potential customers? A well designed message about your business works 24/7 after a one-time investment in banner design and install. Advertising ways to contact your business in a prominent place ensures that your target audience has the relevant information at their finger tips at the right time, getting you more inquiries and ultimately a higher conversion rate. View our projects below and call us today to start driving traffic to your place of business!

Building Banners Made Easy!

There are several steps involved in creating and installing a building banner. Most banners need framing and permitting as per the rules of the County or City they are installed in.   What to expect? 
  • How much does it cost? This depends on the height of the installation, access points to the building facade, any obstructions on way to the spot of, square foot  area of the banner, Permitting costs and time-frame in which the installation needs to be completed. 
  • Survey: An important step which allows us to gather all pertinent information about your project and set up a precise quote. Depending upon the complexity of the project, a Survey Fee will be quoted before hand. Where possible, we offer approximate quotes at no cost to help with budgeting.
  • Quote Approval: This is when you decide the project is a go, and complete down payments as needed.
  • Design: We take your creative  brief, or outline idea and create a proof , alongside a banner rendering on the building. Your edits and suggestions are incorporated in the proofing process.
  • Documentation: Certificate of Occupancy, Landlord’s Waiver are some of the documents collected from you to get the permitting process started.
  • Design Approval: Your sign-off on the banner design and placement get the project into production. We offer online approval; just let us know who all need to approve and our system takes care of the rest.  
  • Print Production: Your building banner is printed, finished and made ready for installation.
  • Permit Approval: Depending upon the City Sign Permitting Department concerned, Permit Approval can take between 4-6 weeks. Our aim always is to educate you on documentation needed, and gather it timely to keep the  Permitting process moving as we work on finalizing design.  
  • Installation: We co-ordinate a potential window of opportunity for Install and get your banner up!

We keep you informed and updated at each step to make the process as simple as 1-2-3!