Houston Sign Code

A Guide to the City of Houston Sign Code

The vast majority of signs in the City of Houston must have a permit. Whether you’re advertising your business with a neon logo or a roadside billboard, you must have the necessary permission before the work begins.

Only licensed companies can carry out the installation of signage on public streets, as there are environmental, cosmetic and safety regulations involved.

Compliance with the Houston Sign Code

The Houston Sign Code is a set of rules and regulations regarding the design and installation of street signs in the city. All companies must comply with the code; otherwise signage may be deemed non-compliant — and subsequently removed by city officials.

Before you submit a City of Houston Sign Permit Application, check that your business has a current Certificate of Occupancy. Officials will check that the business name on the proposed sign is the same as the name on the document. You may not place the name of a company on a property you’re not occupying in an official capacity.

The average permit is valid for six months, after which time it expires. This means you must install your sign and have it available to city officials for inspection within that time. Erect your sign just a day after the permit’s expiry date, and you could be forced to remove it.

Once you have a City of Houston sign permit in place, it’s important to act quickly — particularly if you’re installing a large illuminated sign. Large and complex signage can take several weeks to design and manufacture, so begin the process the moment you receive your permit.

Don’t Erect Signs without a Valid Permit

The City of Houston Sign Administration is notoriously stringent in its enforcement of rules and regulations about signage.

Should you decide to erect your signage without applying for a permit, there’s a chance your organization will be fined. The same applies if your permit expired before the signage was erected. The City of Houston Sign Administration may also order you to remove the signage until a permit has been granted – at your own expense.

Planning is vital when you’re erecting signage in Houston. You might have to wait a week for your application to be approved, leaving your business without the signage it needs to attract customers.

The faster you apply, the quicker you’ll get the permission you need. If you’re starting a new business, make your Houston sign permit application a priority to ensure your signage is in place when you begin trading.