Interior & Lobby

The difference between a welcoming ambience in your retail or office space and a blah one are the interior aesthetics. A well thought out design that promotes elements from your mission, vision or corporate values, one that is in step with your brand look and feel , can add a tremendous value to your marketing and branding efforts. A surrounding that does not exude the right sense of place can hamper your business in subtle ways. 3D Letters, Logos, etched Privacy Film, Wall Wraps, Murals, Acrylic Stand-offs can make very interesting additions to your office decor, explore some options below!

3D Lettering

Let Your Lobby Talk

As the primary spot your clients your clients are greeted at, and the space team members stream into each morning, a lobby becomes an important asset to the entire premises. Use this canvas to add your branding, logo, values or any scene that tells the story of why this place is worth coming to.  No matter how big or small this space is, there is an option to add a 3D design element that ties in with the theme of your business. There are endless possibilities to play with, illuminated, vs. non -illuminated, metal faces on foam, acrylic that can be customized match your decor. Click here to see how some of our recent 3D projects have added style to lobbies!

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Directory Strips​

Managing by Portfolio

Tennant directory updates are one of those tasks that must be done timely when new tenants move into your commercial property. It can become a complicated one if your existing directory panel system does not allow for easy duplication of directory strips, or worse, requires a months worth of wait before a new strip can be created and installed. Sign-Ups to the rescue! Over the years of serving our commercial property mangers we have perfected the art of replication for customized sign-systems that won’t cost you an arm and a leg and can be created with minimal fuss!

Look Book for a commercial property management client

Wall Wraps​

Make Your Walls Come Alive

There are a few things more impactful that a well designed wall wrap. It can show case your brand, re-enforce your company values and create a visual impact that is beautiful and meaningful that the same time. Check out our wrap portfolio for ideas on how our clients have enlivened office spaces, enhanced retail ambience and dressed empty spots in factories and warehouses to boost productivity and morale.

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Foam Boards

Easy on Your Pocket

Foam boards are a wonderful option when signage that is temporary in nature is called for – trade shows, galas, events, seating charts, all are easily catered to by foam boards. For times when you might need to dress up a space, but are not ready to make a commitment to a permanent panel, a foam board is a cost-effective  way to determine if the designs you have in mind will work for the space. We laminate all our boards, a step that seal and protects your design.

Checkout our exhibit page for shaped Foam Boards ideas

Frosted Window Film

Privacy with Style

We offer several different types of frosted vinyl films from the 3M and Avery brands.  We can create patterns that are coherent with your design theme on a myriad of films to for a high-end, well designed feel to your space. Any style of logo can be custom cut into frosted film to create a unique , compelling design that brings more attention to your business.

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