Main ID Reface

A Main ID sign seals your place of businesses' signature look as prospective clients walk in. Whether yours is a residential multifamily, commercial property or or a retail store, a well designed, well maintained marquee sign speak to a thriving business. We will survey your existing sign to propose alternatives that can be cost-effective, and quick to implement, saving you time and money while refreshing this key element of your premise. Designing a new theme from scratch, improvising on existing usable components to minimize your outlay, using materials that maximize the look without busting your budget - see samples of our successful refaces below or call us today to start your own project!

Re-Face And Save!

A brand new look for your monument sign without breaking the bank, whats’ not to like!

In the multi-family and commercial real estate world, keeping a property looking fresh and vibrant is a must to remain competitive. As newer complexes are completed all around you, can you hope to lead prospects into your community if the main monument looks tired? We have helped many clients with re-purposing existing masonry and wood structures for new sign faces, a whole new curb appeal without spending thousands of dollars.
Our Process:
  • A survey to get a sound idea of the condition of the existing sign.
  • Depending upon the project, the survey might be free or paid for.
  • We charge a reasonable survey fee if special equipment is needed for the survey.
  • Then we present the most advantages options given your budget, timeline and any other particular needs.
  • Upon estimate approval, at least three variations are provided for your monuments sign’s new look.
  • The look you decide on will get refined in several steps and you and your team consider each change.
  • In the meantime, if permits are needed we gather required paperwork and start any process that can be accomplished in parallel.
  • After final approval of the artwork, production begins.
We keep you updated with any issues or delays. On completion, we will provide any closeout documents.
City or County permits can take several weeks.