Wayfinding & Directional Signage

Sign-Ups is a full service signage, graphics and wide format printing company. In the sign business since 1990, it has its own production facility in central Houston. Products include signs, banners, lettering services, site maps, floor graphics, decals and labels, vehicle wraps and much more. The Sign-Ups team prides itself on its dedication to customer service and quality products.

Effective and Attractive Wayfinding

Creating noteworthy wayfinding signs is a talent.

And it’s a talent Sign-Ups and Banners’ in-house design team have spent a lot of time fine tuning to get to this point. Wayfinding and directional signage is tricky because it has distinct needs.
  • It needs to be clear and concise.
  • It needs to use universal symbols that the whole world can understand.
  • It needs to fit in precisely within the overall signage
If your wayfinding and directional signage doesn’t hit all those targets with ease, then Houston, we have a problem. Fortunately, Sign-Ups and Banners have been making way-finding signs years so you’re in the unique position to have a well-versed team of professionals with directional signage experience at your disposal.

Professional Design and Installation Expertise

Sign-Ups and Banners run our own production facility directly out of Houston, Texas. We are 100% US owned and operated, and proud to serve our community. In simple terms: we’re your one-stop design, fabrications and installation signage company. For our customers, that means we offer total accountability and you get total peace of mind. We can execute large-scale, time-sensitive projects to order. We can create 100% unique and custom signage that drives brand visibility. Our in-house design team can create clear, streamlined branding across all your messaging.

The Ultimate In Service

We don’t take our decades of signage industry experience for granted, and we know that we’ve come this far because our customers are happy. We enjoy a phenomenally high rate of return business because our clients can count on us for clear communication, open dialogue, expert design, and professional service. They can be confident that they’ll always find another human at the other end of the phone line.
We deliver what we promise – and that’s a guarantee.