Banner Stands

There are multiple banner stands available to suite specific projects and application. Most of these are standard manufacture and are stocked or available at short notice. In case you project needs a one-off custom fabrication, talk to our signage experts and they will guide to the best options possible. Most of these stands are available in multiple finishes, and are sold with carry cases and replacement parts.

Banner Bones

Smart Banner Stand Solution!

It is a typical problem – you have a banner to be displayed on your front of your retail or event location, and no way to get to stay upright without stakes and bungee cords. We offer a smart alternative to get your message to display without any sagging or wrinkles! Say bye-bye to cluttered looking usual solutions, use our sleek Banner Bones Stand.
We will customize your light weight and durable vinyl banner with messaging that attract attention to your business or event, create a sense of excitement, and ultimately, to help promote business. Re-use the stand next year with fresh messaging!


Light-weight and Simple to Set-Up

X-shaped banner stands are a popular choice for trade show displays, retail promotions, and other marketing events. They are lightweight, portable, and easy to set up, making them ideal for displaying large banners in a variety of locations. The X-shaped design allows for maximum visibility, as the banner is placed in the center of the stand and can be seen from all angles. The stands are also adjustable, allowing for the banner to be raised or lowered to the desired height. The banner attaches securely to the frame with hooks and grommets. After the event, simply fold down and store in the included carrying bag.

Backdrop Banners

Events ,Trade Shows, Sound Stages

Back-drop stage banners are an essential part of any stage performance. They are large banners that are hung behind the performers and serve to give the audience a sense of atmosphere and create a backdrop for the performers. Use these stage banners to provide a visual representation of the theme of the performance, to set a mood, or to provide a visual focus for the audience.
Back-drop stage banners are typically made of vinyl, dye- sublimated fabric or canvas and can be printed with a variety of images, text, or designs. They are usually large enough to fill the entire stage area and can be hung either horizontally or vertically. Many banners come with grommets for easy hanging, and some are even designed to be hung from the ceiling.
Backdrop Banner Sizes; Custom sizes, starting 8' x 10' and above.

Step & Repeat

Repeat Your Logo and Step-up Your Branding Game!

Step-and-repeat banners are widely used for photo backdrops, red carpet events, and press conferences. Step-and-repeat banners are typically composed of a large printed banner with a logo or image repeating in a pattern. The logo or image is usually printed in a single color, though multiple colors can be used to create a more dynamic design. The banner is then hung up in a space and used as a backdrop for photos or a backdrop for a stage. The repeating logo or image creates a consistent look in photos and videos, helping to reinforce a company’s brand.
Step-and-repeat banners are a great way to promote a company or product at an event. They can be used to create a professional, eye-catching display that is relatively affordable compared to other marketing materials, making them a cost-effective way to promote a business.